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Hotels near Termini Rome


Termini Hotels

The area around the Termini Railway Station in Rome is vibrant and full of life. Here you really can appreciate the bustling, exciting present of the Eternal City. There are lots of local shops and small eateries – not to mention plenty of traffic – so it can be a bit noisy!
Although Termini hotels vary in quality from budget, student-orientated properties to the very best 5-stars, in general the area around Termini is better suited to those on a budget. From this area, you can usually walk to most of the visitor attractions Rome has to offer, such as the Coliseum (20 minutes’ walk), the Trevi Fountain (15 minutes’ walk) and the Spanish Steps (up to 30 minutes’ walk).
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Des Artistes hotel Rome
5.0  Empire Palace hotel Rome
Gallia Hotel Rome
4.8  Artemide Hotel Rome
Corot hotel Rome
4.8  Massimo D Azeglio hotel Rome
Mecenate Palace Hotel Rome
4.7  Ambra Palace Hotel Rome
Andreotti hotel Rome
4.6  Mondial Hotel Rome
Exedra Hotel Rome
4.5  Palladium Palace hotel Rome
Genova hotel Rome
4.5  Kennedy Hotel Rome
Paris Hotel Rome
4.5  Nord Nuova Roma hotel Rome
Torino hotel Rome
4.4  Artdeco hotel Rome
San Remo Hotel Rome
4.4  Venetia Palace Hotel Rome
Aphrodite Hotel Rome
4.3  Britannia hotel Rome
Le Petit hotel Rome
4.3  Windrose Hotel Rome
Diana Hotel Rome
4.2  Marcella Royal Hotel Rome
Fiamma Hotel Rome
4.2  Gioberti Hotel Rome
Quirinale Hotel Rome
4.1  Impero Hotel Rome
Repubblica Hotel Rome
4.0  Viminale hotel Rome
Morgana Hotel Rome
3.9  Radisson Blu Es Hotel Rome
Milani Hotel Rome
3.8  Madison Hotel Rome
Yes Hotel Rome
3.3  Champagne Palace Hotel Rome
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